PVHS Spaghetti Dinner Trophy Winner - It was a great turnout for the Moose Lodge 808 & Chapter 1141 Donation dinner for the Homeless Student's Activity Fund. Lots of entertainment, raffle prizes, desserts, and really good spaghetti. It came down to the wire between PVHS and JG Johnson Elementary School for the most attendees. Hope to see you all next year for this annual event. Who will get the trophy next year??A great night and a great cause. Rachel Owens McKinney-Vento
almost 2 years ago, Rachel
Trophy dispute
Dinner Attendees
Dinner attendees
8/21 Board of Trustees meeting at Duckwater PreK-8th
about 2 years ago, NCSD, Tech
Mrs. Huston reports to the school board for Duckwater PreK-8th
The school board listens to Mrs. Huston.
Help your child focus on listening well To succeed in school, children need good communication skills. One of them is listening. To build your child's skills, say her name to get her attention. Then look her in the eye and speak quietly; your child will have to listen closely. Model good listening by paying undivided attention when your child speaks to you. Encourage her to continue with statements like, "Tell me more." http://niswc.com/15gDC276091 ------------------------------------------ Ayude a su hijo a concentrarse en escuchar bien Para tener éxito en la escuela, los niños necesitan tener habilidades de comunicación sólidas. Escuchar es una de estas habilidades. Para desarrollar las habilidades de escucha de su hijo, diga su nombre para captar su atención. Luego mírelo a los ojos y use un tono de voz suave. De este modo, él tendrá que escuchar atentamente. Préstele toda su atención cuando él le hable a usted, para mostrarle cómo se escucha atentamente. Y para continuar la conversación, hágale comentarios como, "Cuéntame más sobre eso". http://niswc.com/25gDC276091
about 2 years ago, NCSD Parent Engagement
Duckwater Kindergarten Graduation 2019
over 2 years ago, NCSD
The elementary school sings songs of celebration!
Our kindergarten graduate!
Proud parents with their graduate!