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Site URL Description
Portal https://explore.proquest.com/ This link provides quick access to the five databases below. This one is not in the NCSD Bookmark Menu.
  • Culturegrams
https://online.culturegrams.com/ CultureGrams offers unique, concise and reliable cultural information, multimedia, and vital statistics on the countries of the world, U.S. states and Canadian provinces.
  • eLibrary
https://explore.proquest.com/elibrary/ eLibrary empowers novice researchers to easily and efficiently identify their research topic. Editorially curated topical pages provide overview and context for a commonly-researched subjects.
  • ProQuest
https://search.proquest.com/elibrary/ The ProQuest unified platform makes hundreds of full text and abstract and index collections available to researchers. Products include Research Library and Historical Newspapers.
  • SIRS Discoverer
https://explore.proquest.com/sirsdiscoverer/ SIRS Discoverer is an editorially-selected general reference database for elementary and middle school learners and educators covering curriculum areas and common assignments.
  • SIRS Issues Researcher

SIRS Issues Researcher is a database providing relevant, credible information on social issues, the arts, history and government topics, curated by ProQuest editors.

Not on the Portal
Site URL Description
Alexander Street https://search.alexanderstreet.com/ Alexander Street is a collection of videos, books, and document providing information on a variety of disciplines: art, design, diversity, health, history, literature, language, music, performing arts, psychology, counseling, science, engineering, and the social sciences.
Alexander Street: American History in Video https://video.alexanderstreet.com/channel/american-history-in-video

People who witness notable historic moments, either in real time or on film, remember forever how they felt at the time. Who can forget the shock of seeing the helicopter pushed off the USS Blue Ridge carrier at the Fall of Saigon in 1975, or the thrill of watching Neil Armstrong taking his first step onto the moon’s surface? Now you can experience these and tens of thousands of other historical moments in the same visceral way, with American History in Video.